Organizational Behavior Management: The Essentials

Organizational Behavior Management: The Essentials


Organizational Behavior Management: The Essentials is designed to be the definitive introduction to OBM textbook. Students, behavior analysts, educators, and managers will learn how the application of behavior analysis to organizations can produce meaningful differences in the lives of employees while benefiting the organization. This volume contains chapters written by many of the most influential researchers and practitioners in the field, and is carefully structured to provide background, common practices, and thoughtful discussion of topics required to be an effective behavior analyst within organizations.  Although this textbook is ideal for graduate coursework in introductory organizational behavior management, it is written at a level to also be accessible and useful for advanced undergraduate courses.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Introduction to Organizational Behavior Management 

Chapter 1. Behavior Analysis and Organizations….Byron Wine & Joshua K. Pritchard

Chapter 2. Equipping Entrepreneurship with Value-Driven Behavioral Systems Analysis…..Lori H. Ludwig & Timothy D. Ludwig

Chapter 3. Pay for Performance: The Complex Industrial Token Economy…..Mark R. Dixon & Jordan Belisle

Chapter 4. Improving Your Safety with a Behavioral Approach…..Terry E. McSween & Angelica Grindle

Chapter 5. Consumer Behavior Analysis: An Overview…..Donald A. Hantula

Chapter 6. Organizational Behavior Management and Similar Disciplines: An Objective Review…..Barbara R. Bucklin

Part II. Organizational Behavior Management Fundamentals

Chapter 7. Pinpointing and Measuring Employee Behavior…..Florence D. DiGennaro Reed, Matthew D. Novak, Tyler G. Erath, Denys Brand, & Amy J. Henley

Chapter 8. Assessment in Performance Management…..David A. Wilder & Ansley C. Hodges

Chapter 9. Performer-Level Interventions: Antecedents…..Byron Wine

Chapter 10. Performer-Level Interventions: Consequences…..Sigurdur O. Sigurdsson, Brandon M. Ring, & Adam S. Warman

Chapter 11. A Pragmatic Approach for Building Employee Motivation to Promote Creativity and Organizational Innovation…..Douglas A. Johnson & Merrilyn Akpapuna

Chapter 12. Process Assessments and Redesign…..Heather M. McGee

 Part III. The Practice of Organizational Behavior Management

 Chapter 13. Ethical Considerations in Organizational Behavior Management…..Joshua K. Pritchard & Byron Wine

Chapter 14. Organizational Behavior Management in Human Service Organizations…..James K. Luiselli

Chapter 15. Project Management…..Amy Durgin

Chapter 16. Consulting Skills…..Nicole Gravina, Allison H. King, & Ansley C. Hodges

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